Choose A Custom Kitchen Design From The Mooney's Modern Kitchens Line

At Mooney's we are experts in modern kitchen design who can help you design, plan and fit a modern kitchen to meet your needs and desires. From the most modern cherry kitchens to maple kitchens or any form of solid wood kitchen; whatever you need, Mooney's can deliver.

Custom Kitchen Designs For Any Modern Fitted Kitchen

Modern kitchens are defined by their practicality. Beauty is in balance with functionality and usability, with detailing being simpler. This means that the beauty is delivered through clean and simple lines and a fusion of traditional materials with modern kitchen designs, such as solid wood kitchens combined with stainless steel elements.

The typical characteristics of a modern kitchen are that the details are 'hidden' from sight so that the clean lines are not broken by hinges or flourishes. The elements that form these hidden features are:

  • Pull-out larder units
  • Stainless steel hoods and handles
  • 'Shaker' style (flat panelled) doors
  • 'Plant-on' doors with hidden hinges.

The guidance we provide in designing your modern kitchen will help you to plan the functionality and appliances you require with a layout that allows the kitchen to 'work' for you. We then help you choose from the many choices of materials including cherry kitchens, maple kitchens and other types of solid wood kitchen. Our expertise ensures that we deliver modern custom kitchen designs to meet your highest expectations.

Mooney's - Master Craftsmen For Modern Kitchens As Unique As You

Our many years of crafting quality modern kitchens allows us to create totally unique kitchens to meet your exact needs. Creating a modern kitchen design of the highest quality doesn't have to be difficult and at Mooney's we will help to make it an enjoyable process, so contact us to start designing your new kitchen or visit our showroom.